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You could have a reliable system to consistently attract and book qualified potential clients for your discovery calls...

Without having to constantly chase them… or take on clients that aren’t a good fit just because you need the money.

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If you’re tired of wondering where your next client is coming from…

Or you don’t know how to run the discovery call once you’ve get a potential client on your calendar…

If you feel like you’re doing #allthethings to get new coaching clients but… nothing

Then you need

Set Your Discovery Call Process On Auto Pilot

While it’s a mouthful of a name, it represents a very simple 6-step system that you can implement quickly and easily.

I take you through mapping out your client-getting discovery call process – and then setting it on auto pilot.

And you can get it done in as little as one weekend!

(I call these types of courses “fire-starter courses” – designed to light a fire under you and implement what you have learned quickly) 😉 

Your discovery call process includes more than that actual call.

A lot of it is about the process and follow-up. You can have an amazing call, but if the booking was tedious or difficult and the follow-up is lacking, you’re likely to lose the client.

You know you can help your potential clients once they sign up to work with you. But you need to make it easy for them to get to that point.

And that is where your discovery call process comes in.

Save 60% with this special one-time offer!

One-time payment of $67 $27

What you'll learn...

  • Step One: Build An Enticing Freebie To Drive Client Sign-Ups
  • Step Two: Pre Screen To Ensure All Your Prospects Are Perfect Fits
  • Step Three: Create A Call Rubric That Puts You In The Driver’s Seat
  • Step Four: Write An Unforgettable Follow Up Email Series
  • Step Five: Make It Urgent! Set A Timeline For Call Sign Ups
  • Step Six: Put Your Discovery Call System On Autopilot
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