Your voice is powerful & your message is impactful.

But you’re still doing #allthethings each week to get your podcast out there.

What if you could just focus on doing what you love the most: creating the content?

Spend your time making your highest impact, and stop getting bogged down in the details of your content production.

Our Podcast Management service will allow you to relax knowing that your podcast is being handled with care from the moment you finish recording all the way to publishing to social media posting.

This full service support will free up your time, create consistency, and help increase your visibility.

We work closely with clients with smaller audiences and show you how to position your podcast as a place for your ideal clients to get that know, like and trust factor going! Podcasting isn’t just about the downloads, but it’s another touch point within your customer journey.

It’s time to let the world hear your voice.

Whether you’re in the idea phase of your podcast and ready to scale, we’ve got you covered with a streamlined strategy.

Podcast Monthly Management

Maximize your podcast with engaging content that will grow your audience, your brand, and your business.

Focus on creating great episodes, and leave the rest to us!

We offer a completely end-to-end podcast repurposing service and operate as an extension to your business.

Packages start from $1400 per month.

Contracts start at only a 3 month commitment. This will be a good way to come up with a plan, see some momentum, and make sure our working relationship works for us all.

Here's How It Works

Send us your audio recording and you’ll get…

  • Edited, mastered podcast episode
  • Uploaded and scheduled to podcast host
  • Podcast show notes
  • Transcript used to create a blog post
  • Email Newsletter copy
  • 3 Instagram posts (copy + graphics)
  • 3 Facebook posts (copy + graphics)
  • 3 Pinterest Pins (copy + graphics)
  • 2 Audiograms
  • Script for a short video
  • Scheduling for newsletter, social posts, and pins

Up to 5 episodes per month (up to 60 minutes each)

*Initial recording can be audio OR video format

Don't have a podcast yet?

Podcasting Launching

We’ll take you through our comprehensive podcast launch process.

We take care of all of the techie and hands-on aspects – including setting up your podcast host, designing podcast artwork, producing intro/outros and your podcast trailer.  We also make sure your podcast is on all the main podcasting apps (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon…etc)

We’ll also set up your first 2 episodes.

You’ll go from zero to launch in 3 weeks!

Investment: $2100

Working with Joelle is so amazing! She never lets me down. My business thrives because we have Joelle on our team. I hope to have her for years to come!
Fran Moore
The Pod Factory

I'll treat your business like my own ...

...which means we don’t work with just anyone.

To respect your time (and mine) an application will help fast-track if we’re a fit or not. 

We tend to book out—go ahead and fill out an application TODAY. 

I can’t wait to hear from you!