What is Content Marketing (and why your health coaching business needs it)

Content marketing has become such an effective and profitable marketing method that 73% of major organisations hire someone to manage their content marketing strategy.

That’s huge! But it is not surprising. Research shows that content marketing is 62% cheaper than outbound marketing, and generates 3 times as many leads!

Now, as a health coach, you may not be in the position yet to hire someone to run your content marketing for you. This series will take you through all the steps you need do it yourself.

In today’s post, we will be discussing what content marketing actually is, and we will get started on developing ideas for your content. So, let’s dive in!

Let’s take a step back here. First, what is content?

Content is anything that you use to communicate with your prospects and customers. Content is what your company puts out into the world to market, advertise, and share.

Examples of content

*Blog posts

*Email newsletters

*YouTube or Facebook videos

*Pinterest pins




*Memes (those funny memes you share on Facebook – yes that counts!)

And so much more!

Put simply, content is ultimately the foundation of your business.

It’s how your prospects will find you. It’s how you will convert those prospects into subscribers and customers. It’s how you will build a strong and loyal customer base. And how you will provide value.

So What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing uses the content to market to your audience. It’s the process of creating and distributing or publishing your content to attract, engage, and convert your target audience.

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to build your sales and profits through content. Every business, whether it’s a one person operation or a global conglomerate, uses content marketing (and possibly without even realising it).

It is very important for a health coaches to embrace content marketing, in order to carve out a unique niche and be profitable and competitive.

Getting Started with Content Marketing

This series will cover everything a health & wellness coach needs to know about getting started with content marketing.

As your first step, I have some homework for you.

Start compiling a list of ideas. Make a list of the problems that your audience faces and the various questions they may have about the product or service you offer. You can use actual questions asked by your customers – this is a perfect place to start. The key to good content is to provide value. (If you prefer not to start from a blank piece of paper, you can download your FREE brainstorming worksheet at the bottom of this post.)

Start brainstorming how you might provide value through content. What topics can you address? If you don’t have yet a solid understanding of who your audience is, it’s time to take that step too.

In the next part of this series, we’ll explore how content marketing can build your business and we’ll start making use of that list of ideas you’re going to pull together. Keep in mind that you’re just thinking about topics right now. Consider exploring your competition’s websites and reading industry magazines to get some ideas of what content is being put out there.

There are more advanced techniques to get content ideas, but for now, we just want to get started.

You don’t have to decide how you’re going to deliver the information; we’ll cover that later. For now, simply start gathering ideas and write them down.

And that was your brief introduction to content marketing! If you’d like to download your free brainstorming sheet, click here.



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